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Best International


Best International has been a manufacturer of valve stems since 1990. We have produced quality valve stems that meet and exceed the ozone standards of the US and Europe.


All our valves are checked with strict quality control guidelines, we have less than 0.01% defect rate for our valve stems. Our valve stems are randomly checked and we make sure that our valves are free from defects before shipment. They are first checked in our factories overseas, they are also checked in our warehouse prior to shipping to customers.


We have been servicing the tire and wheel industry for 20 years and have provided valve stems to many of the major companies in the valve stem industry. Our Beico brand has developed into a valve stem that is asked for and not simply just provided as a substitute.


We have been compared and matched with the big valve stem manufacturers and have actually surprised our customers with our quality. The defective Chinese stems that flooded the market and caused leaking issues in 2008 did not affect us. We have our own private factory in China that make our valve stems. We were not buying our valves from the same Chinese factories that everyone was buying from. We have a joint venture with our valve stem factory and the factory exclusively manufactures valve stems for Beico.

Main Products

We manufacture a wide variety of OEM and aftermarket auto and truck accessories and golf cart accessories.

Golf Cart Accessories

BEICO is your source for a complete line of golf cart parts and accessories. We are one of the few US companies that is offering aftermarket INJECTION MOLDED long tops.

Golf Cart Wheels

We have been providing our customers with great service and quality products at very competitive pricing for over 25 years.

Truck Accessories

We have a wide range of high quality custom parts and accessories for different makes and models.

Our Mission

Company's Philosophy

Our mission is to provide excellent service and top-quality products to our customers.


Special Production Services

We provide product development services for domestic companies. We use our technical expertise and our close relationships with factories to bring optimal cost effectiveness for any project.